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Google Adwords is now Google Ads 2018

After giving us an adequate time to say goodbye to Google AdWords, Google finally announced that they would put aside two of its core advertising products which is AdWords and DoubleClick. This will be replaced with streamlined, shiny iterations and a rebranded version that will show better alternatives for advertisement.

The senior vice president Sridhar Ramaswamy who leads Google’s ad efforts explained that the company has been receiving “consistent feedback” over the past few years concerning the fact that excess and surplus ad products and brands are confusing for advertisers.
Sridhar Ramaswamy stated that this is not only a name change but that they are integrating three significant developments aside from the change of name.

Firstly, Google will be launching a service called “Smart Campaigns”, which will automatically become the default mood for all advertisers.
This new Google Ads technology is tailored for smaller businesses. This development will allow all advertisers to see all their ad conversions weather its store visits, phone calls or purchases. Then there is a provision for optimizing campaigns through improving the texts, images and targeting so as to increase advertisers ad conversion rate.

With this product development, Google intends to make creating ads easier while assuring that all ads end up in front of the right audience and it converts well so as the advertisers can maximize profit.

Secondly, Google will be launching a platform called “Google marketing platform” which will contain Google Analytics, DoubleClick and all Google analytics tools for marketers. Under this platform, Google is also introducing a new product called “Display and Video 360”, which will contain features and elements from Studio and Audience Center, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and Campaign Manager. 

Dan Taylor, the managing director for platforms, said that the primary reason behind the launching of this platform is as a result of a growing need for collaboration. 

Thirdly, Google will be rebranding a particular section called “Google Ad Manager”. This platform will include all Google Monetization tools for publishers. This monetization tool contains DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

The rebranding and all developments are to take place on 24 July 2018.
The senior vice president and the director of Google product management Ramaswamy and Taylor both emphasized on the fact that they would be no training or product migration required to run along with this development. This is because the appearance will change a little bit, but the functionality will remain the same but better than before.

What is bittersweet in this development is that the DoubleClick brand will be no more. But on the other hand, the AdSense and Admob brands will continue to exist.


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