Google Adwords Course

Google Adwords Course

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Do you know that Search Engine Marketing (google adwords course) has a better return on investment (ROI) than any other traditional forms of marketing, like TV or print ads?

SME has been proven to be one of the cheapest and effective ways to advertise and bring in new customers to any business.

Increasing visibility in search engine results is an essential part of search engine marketing. Increasing the number of times peoples see your products through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an efficient way to achieve your marketing goals and objectives. In this course, you learn how to execute, create, and optimize an effective ad campaign using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. 

How Google Adwords Works

Certainly, there are questions in your mind begging to be answered. Questions like how do search engines like Google and Bing find my website and how do they rank sites in their search results and what can I do to get more traffic, visitors and customers to my website from search engines?

In this course, you will learn the correct answers to all these questions and more. This course covers everything you need to know about search engine marketing (SEM). You will learn the necessary steps to take to improve your website’s ranking, how to develop SEM strategies, how pay-per-click advertising works and how to increase your search engine marketing ROI.

In this course, you will surely master all the strategies search engine marketing professionals uses to get customers quickly. Correctly, you will learn how to organize, develop, and implement search engine marketing strategy, analyze and measure the effectiveness of your search engine marketing campaign, write a compelling sales copy your customers cannot resist and build your professional brand and authority through search engine marketing.

You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and develop your brand through SEM.

The course will teach you everything you need to know about Search Engine Marketing, and how to use Google AdWords to meet your marketing goals and objectives. This course is a comprehensive course, with practical steps to follow. You can expect to start running campaigns for top companies after taking this course. I made sure that only the essential things that have to do with search engine marketing is thought here, and I won’t overload you with a lot of material which you can never finish.

What Will I Learn in Adword Course?

• How to get more website visitors.

• How to turn your website visitors into sales.

• Learn the important and vital things you really need to know in Pay-Pay-Click (PPC) marketing

• Learn how to improve your website content and earn users' trust.

• Learn the real difference between Search and Target PPC.

• Learn how to Create and run Search Engine Marketing campaigns on Google AdWords.

• Learn how to adjust campaigns in order to get the best possible results.

• Tricks and methods for high ROI and lead generation.


• No advanced skill is required; you just need the desire to learn. All the skills and knowledge you require to be successful in search engine marketing is thought in this course.

With 90% of web users reaching their destination via search engines marketing, SEM skills are in high demand everywhere around the world. Learn how to increase your rankings, raise the quantity and quality of visitors to your website, and increase your search engine marketing ROI.

This SEM course is up to date and is of a global standard. Over 20,000 people in 115 countries have enrolled in this course, thereby making this course the most widely taught search engine marketing standard course in the world.

Yoganand collaborates with global digital experts to define and develop the skills and qualifications required of today’s digital professionals, and the skill is presented to you in this course. This offer won't last forever. Enroll today to become a search engine marketing expert.

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