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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a revolutionary technology that enables online marketers to manage their user tracking, campaign tracking, analytics, remarketing, and other website codes. Google Tag Manager frees internet marketers from dependency on IT or web-development gurus. When administrators wish to add or modify a snippet of analytics or tracking code, they can get it done by themselves, by just adding it to a pre-existing tag container.

This Google Tag Manager course enables marketers (Non-tech savvy) to manage their advanced web analytics tracking. Not a single coding is necessary! Google Tag Manager is absolutely a free tool that is turning into a digital marketing and webmaster ideal practice.

Google Tag Manager is an efficient approach to manage several pixel codes all in one place.Google is working very hard and they been extremely successful in simplifying how tags work and right now you can handle all of your pixels and track issues that you never thought were possible.

A good example of this could be tracking a button click or a thank you page. eCommerce is also another critical use of Tag Managers.

How To Use Google Tag Manager Course

The course is designed to expose you to Google tag manager fundamentals. It is going to take care of the initial setup of a Google Tag Manager container, the hidden theory behind what makes up the Google Tag Manager container, a look at tags,triggers, and also the data Layer, the development of a simple Google Analytics Page, view tag and then previewing, testing and publishing the tag.

This course is ideal for both individuals with or without prior Google Tag Manager experience,as this course is going to take you from beginner to advance and will also provide you with a basis on which you can improve your Google Tag Manager skills.

This advanced section of this Google tag manager tutorials will provide you with the skills to get up and running with Google Tag Manager swiftly. It explores how you can set up Google Tag Manager Accounts and containers,configure custom tags,use turnkey tags, create rules and macros,debug tags,control versions and user access, and add code to capture specific Google Analytics events.

Authored by Google Tag Manager Expert Yoganand, this course is a crucialand time-saving best practice for working with Google Tag Manager.

What Will I Learn?

  • What Google Tag Manager is all about.

  • How to track events with Google Tag Manager.

  • Fundamentals of Google Tag Manager.

  • Google tag manager console.

  • How to properly setup a Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics so as to track page views.

  • How to create an external link tracking as an eventin Google Analytics.

  • How to track JavaScript errors using Google Tag Manager.

  • The perfect conduit to deploy Google Tag Manager WordPress.

  • How to use Data Layer in Google Tag Manager.

  • Facebook event tracking.   

Target Audience?

• Anyone who is into Web Analytics.
• Anyone who is into Digital Marketing
• Anyone who wants an in-depth knowledge of Google Tag manager Course.
• People with little or no knowledge of Google Tag manager.

No prior Knowledge of Google Tag manager is required due to the fact that this Google tag manager training is going to take you from beginner to advance.

If you wish to track your conversions, user behavior and a whole lot of things on your own, without the need of a developer, then sign up for this course right now.

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