YouTube Marketing Course

YouTube Marketing Course

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Do you want to know how you can do YouTube marketing like a master and also grow your own YouTube channel successfully? If so then this is the course for you.

About YouTube Marketing Course

In this YouTube marketing course, I will practically show you precisely just how I created a channel that has more than one million views, makes money, and help me grow my business and brand.

I will also give you YouTube marketing tips and steps that helped me attain massive success on YouTube video marketing. These steps took me years to learn and figure out how to promote YouTube videos, and I will be presenting it all to you. You will be able to use my tips, steps, and advice to successfully create your own YouTube channel that helps you achieve a significant result in your business.

Learn how to start a productive YouTube channel, and then use it to promote or market your services, product, and generate ad revenue using YouTube for marketing. Join one of the most experienced YouTube optimizer Yoganand as he shares his tips, steps, and strategies for succeeding on YouTube, the world's largest video platform. This course shows content creators, entrepreneurs, marketers, and freelancers how to brand on YouTube, how to market on YouTube, how to monetize videos on YouTube and then how to earn from YouTube.

Firstly, you will learn how to create a YouTube channel and then attract visitors and subscribers. Then find out how to effectively brand your YouTube channel/page, create an engaging playlist, and then customize content to attract more visitors. Discover the most efficient tried-and-true SEO techniques and YouTube marketing strategy which you can use to optimize videos for YouTube, Google and Bing search engines, and you will also find out how to join the Partner Program, which will make you earn money just by allowing advertisers to advertise/display ads on your videos.

Finally, Yoganand will show you how to use YouTube Analytics, explaining the best statistics to focus on to better direct your YouTube content marketing strategy.

Here’s Why You Should Consider YouTube Marketing.

  • Most people often overlook YouTube. YouTube Video Marketing is among all one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get massive traffic.

  • YouTube happens to be one of the second BIGGEST search engines on the entire Internet which means there is an endless possibility when it comes to earnings.

  • Recently, YouTube has over 1 Billion active users who spend millions of hours watching videos daily. These users are so engaged, and they love watching videos.

  • It is certain that YouTube is big and getting more significant day by day. Research shows that YouTube increase by 60% yearly, which means that YouTube marketing opportunity, is massive and endless.

Sadly, Most Individual That Try To Generate Traffic With YouTube Advertising Fail.

The reason why these people fail is that they don’t know what must be done to be successful in YouTube Marketing.  In this YouTube Marketing Course, the simple formula to be successful in YouTube marketing is in it.

The secret to getting the best out of YouTube marketing is to learn from someone that has massive results from YouTube Marketing.

Stay close and pay close attention, because today I’m going to take you by hand and show you how to generate massive targeted traffic more than you can ever imagine.


What Are You Going To Learn From This Course?

•    How to create a successful YouTube channel.
•    You will get to understand what makes a successful YouTube promotion.
•    Understand how to get massive views and subscribers on YouTube.
•    YouTube branding.
•    Understand how YouTube marketing works.
•    How to make money and earn big from YouTube marketing.
•    How to grow your own business & brand using YouTube.
•    How to Create YouTube Ad campaigns to promote your brand, products or services.
•    How to retarget your website visitors using YouTube advertising.
•    How to place your video ads on your competitor's channels or any specific videos.
•    How to properly optimize your YouTube channel to get more views and conversions. 

What Are The Requirements?

•    Prior Experience is Not a Prerequisite because everything you need to know about YouTube marketing is in this course.

What Is The Target Audience?

•    This course is for entrepreneurs, freelancers and content creators, educators, and anybody who wants to take advantage of YouTube massive traffic.
•    This course is for anybody who wants to be successful on YouTube.
•    This course is for anybody With a Passion for starting a career in YouTube Marketing.
•    This course is for YouTube Marketing Beginners & Advanced.
Do you already have a YouTube channel, or you have interest in starting one, this course will help you kick start and increase your audience growth.
Join Ayyagari Yoganand as he guides and put you through useful YouTube marketing tips.

Go ahead and sign up for the course, and let's kickstart work on making you a successful person on YouTube, starting today.

Do you want to know how you can do YouTube marketing like a master and also grow your own YouTube channel successfully? If so then this is the course for you. 

Do you want to know how you can do YouTube marketing like a master and also grow your own YouTube channel successfully? If so then this is the course for you.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • YouTube Keyword Research using Paid Tools

  • Equipment for Creating Amazing Videos

  • Designing a Better YouTube Channel

  • Posting and Optimizing Videos

  • Growing Your Audience and Getting More Traffic Flow

  • Build Authority Channel on YouTube

  • Measuring Results with Analytics

  • Know About YouTube SEO Tool

  • Applying Ad Sense Account

  • YouTube + Affiliate Marketing

  • Conclusion

  • Case Studies


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