Digital Marketing Faqs


1. Why choose us?

DigitalMarketingTrainer (DMT) is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Hyderabad, offering comprehensive digital marketing courses in India and other part of the world.

Our Trainer Mr. Yoganand has minimum of 10+ years’ experience in Digital Marketing Field. He has in-depth knowledge and expertise which cuts across all areas in digital marketing. We know things changes, but we are constantly adapting and improving along with any changes in the industry.

We are committed to handling all activities and training carried out here with professionalism and expertise. This sense of responsibility in all areas while dealing with our students means we always strive to add value and we are pro-active in solving problems.

2. Who Can Enroll In This Digital Marketing Courses?

At DIGITALMARKETINGTRAINER (DMT), there is no restriction to who can take the courses offered in this academy. Anyone who has interest or need for knowledge in digital marketing has the liberty to enroll in any of our courses.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Digital Marketing Course In Your Establishment?

We are strongly committed to helping our students achieve their goals in digital marketing. We provide an innovative environment for our students to learn and be the best in the competitive world today. 

We constantly strive on offering our students nothing but the best. And most of the students who finish our training end up earning their dream job in digital marketing.

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We continuously seek new ways to increase the rate at which our clients and students get their dream jobs and also stand at the top in their profession.

4. What Is In It For Me?

There is an endless possibility when you take up a course with us. On successful completion of any of our courses, any of our students can be very effective in:

  • How To Crack interviews and getting placed in top companies in India and the world at large.

  • Devising digital marketing strategies and support companies in personal branding 

  • Getting associated with Digital Marketing Trainer for lifelong learning on digital marketing concepts and trends.

  • Designing marketing proposals, campaigns, allocate budgets for social media channels and work on offline marketing projects as well. 

  • By finishing Digital Marketing Certification at DMT - DigitalMarketingTrainer, the students get an insight on how to promote visibility for the brand, increase the web traffic, lead generation and conversion, sales increase and many others. It’s an endless possibility.

  • Enrolling in any courses with us will maximally shape up your career. 

  • Access to eLearning content for all of the courses offered at DMT.

5. What Are The Key Certifications Offered In DMT

We offer a wide range of Global Certification at DIGITALMARKETINGTRAINER (DMT).
The following are the 15+ Global Certifications we offer:

  • Google Search Network 

  • Google Display Network 

  • Google Shopping 

  • Google AdWords Certification

  • Google Mobile Marketing 

  • Google Fundamentals 

  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

  • Google Analytics 

  • Google Video campaign 

  • Bing Certification 

  • Hoot suite Social Marketing Certification

  • YouTube Certification

  • SEO Certification 

  • SEM Certification 

  • Web Analytics Certification 

  • Facebook Blue Print Certification

  • Email Marketing Certification 

  • Inbound Marketing Certification

  • Mobile App Marketing Certification 

  • Certificate of excellence from Academy

  • Internship in Reputed Companies 

6. How Do I Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?

Becoming a digital marketing specialist is indisputable to any digital marketer who envisages on going far in this profession. This course will provide you with advanced digital marketing concepts and ideas across a variety of domains and provides you with a hands-on learning experience that will help you gain the skills you need to stand out in today’s competitive world. 

To become a digital marketing specialist, start with enrolling in a Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA) course. This course is designed specifically to give you in-depth and advanced knowledge in the digital marketing sphere. This will give you first class real life experience and after completing this course, you will be given a Global Certification which will give you an advantage over all your competitors.

7. What Is The Duration Of Your Digital Marketing Specialist Program?

We offer a comprehensive and comprehensible Digital Marketing Specialist Program. On the basis of this, our digital marketing specialist program duration is about 2 Months. This is so as to give our students quality time to go practically learn and master what is being taught in the course.

8. How Do I Enroll In the Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program?

Our website is designed for easy accessibility and flexibility. You can enroll in our digital marketing specialist master’s program through this link.

9. What Should I Expect From The Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program?

Our Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program is designed to offer our students nothing but the best. We have put in place enough packages for our students who enroll in this program. The following are what you should expect from our digital marketing specialist program:

  • Access to all our eLearning content for all of the courses included in this program.
  • Access to all our instructors in case you have any challenge while studying.
  • Monthly mentoring sessions by Yoganand and many other speakers. 
  • You will be awarded with a Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Certificate upon completing the program.
  • And lots more.

10. How Do I Access the eLearning Content for the Course I paid for?

Our portal is designed in such that once you have successfully registered and paid for any course, you will be granted full access to all the eLearning content on our website.

When you have successfully registered and paid for any course, a purchase confirmation email will be sent to your mail with a guide on how to access the eLearning contents.


11. I Am Unable To Access The Online Course. What Should I Do?

In case you are having any technical issue which results to inability of accessing our courses, please feel free to use the Help & Support link to contact our Support team. You can also use the 24/7 Live Chat link to chat with our customer’s services.

12. Are Exam Fees Included In The Price?

In our pricing system, there is no Exam fees included for any of the courses we offer.

13. How Much Does Your Digital Marketing Specialist Program Cost?

The price for our digital marketing specialist program is quite so affordable. The price is $449, and that’s the best price you can get anywhere for this program.

14. What About Payment Mode?

We have designed the system in such a way that you can conveniently pay for our services through PayPal, Credit Card, Net banking, Paytm, and Google pay.

We also provide QR Code for payment. But before using the QR code to make payment, you need to contact us, and once payment has been made, you need to send us a screenshot of your payment so as to enable us to authenticate the payment.

We offer one-time payment and two installment payments. For a one-time payment, you will get a 10% discount, and for two-time payment, you need to pay 50% in advanced and another 50% within 20 days.

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