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How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume 2022

How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume for Freshers 2022


A digital marketer has two issues: competition and how universal their digital marketing resume sound; that's correct. You can say that you have known e-commerce and social media for a while, but your resume will directly go to the bin. Let's start being more specific about your position:
  • What do you offer? What specialties have you acquired over the last couple of years?
  • What have you excelled?
  • Can you show any results?
If you cannot get over these initial questions, well, it's going to be tough for you, but if you have been able to answer them, then you are up for a fantastic resume. Present your impressive level of professionalism in your resume. Leave no room for haphazard organizations. Let every single detail mean something. In selecting a format or layout, keep it professional & straightforward mention every section of your resume.
Any font which you are using should also be noticeable. Don't go for beauty and sacrifice clarity. No recruiter would want to squint and strain his eyes when going through your resume. Using a clear overview makes it very easy for them to pick the critical parts of your resume.
Let the headers of each section be written, and let the sections the properly spaced; this would allow the recruiter to go through your resume quickly.

Lastly, remember that you are a digital marketer & MS word is not for you and make sure you permanently save your resume as a . Pdf file.

Let your talent as a digital marketing specialist shine through, as this is what an employer will be looking for it!

The Summary Section

Knowing how to introduce yourself; is an essential aspect of presenting yourself in the summary section. Digital Marketing Resume summaries are significant; the summary notifies the recruiters about you quickly; they can proceed further if the employer needs the information.

Points to be successfully written a summary section include

DO (Summarize your employment)

  • Include any previous experience with digital marketing.
  • Clearly state all relevant marketing skills
  • Highlight your best talents

DO NOT (Review about your life)

  • Be like every other applicant – give the same general explanations to their questions.
  • Try to be playful on your resume – employers don't like it.
  • Inflate your ego to impress

Work Experience

Digital marketers usually do not find any problems getting work history; generally, a digital marketer who has worked in different jobs before getting serious about the work should include those little job offers.


They perform as a considerable part of work experience because a good work history assists as support to begin a good amount of success. 

If you don't have sufficient experience, this is the time for you to start working on the digital marketing internships or even offering to be a part of certain digital marketing events that become more advantageous for you. We can provide you with more points for your work.

Do (Abstract your work experience)

  • Give a reference for all your previous work experience 
  • Clearly state your role in your last job
  • State any promotions that you received in your previous job. 

DO NOT (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Don't attach any left courses to your resume.
  • Don't mention any failed internships to your resume.
  • Avoid listing unnecessary details.
  • Require more advice on writing a practical work experience for a great Digital Marketer? Check out our detailed digital marketing resume guide.


Every employer will always look ahead to this part. Yes, if you are a digital marketer, you have had training. The skill did not just begin overnight. It took several years for practice.

This part is where you talk about your training and the various skills you have taken. You can also mention the duration you spent at other schools or multiple organizations. 

If you have taken any online digital marketing courses, seminars, or conferences, you add this to your resume in the education;

Make sure you don't neglect to add the essential elements of education:

The schools and institutions trained you

The span of your education or training

The various qualifications you have taken

The different method to market you to employers is through the certifications. Getting Certifications from external sources such as a professional exam makes you distinctive from every other applicant.

Try to get the certificates in Google Analytics Academy, the Bing Ads or Hub spot Certification, or, last but not least, the Hoot Suite University.

Best Digital Marketing Talents:

Employers do not want square nails in round holes; they want people who are an excellently fit. Only your skills will show this to your employer. As a digital marketer, you need a specific skill, such as computer knowledge. If you can add skills that are synonymous with a salesman, you might end up discouraging your employers. 

For instance, digital marketers have to have excellent knowledge and understanding of the internet, computers, and SEO. In the marketing world, these three elements are the essential factors, and most marketers use them at some stage in their work.

Should also include your soft and hard skills. If you don't know what to have, have a glance at the following: 

  • Soft Skills
  •  Hard Skills
  • Computer Education
  • SEMrush
  • Problem Solving
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Efficient communication
  • Content Marketing
  • Notice to feature
  • Data Mining and Analysing

Covering Letter: yes or no?

It can be advised to consider a cover letter with your resume as it often gives an advantage. Follow our advice here.


Here are extra tips from us to help you out during your resume building.


DO NOT (perform yourself famously)

  • Try to stay faithful.
  • Be honest no matter how much work experience you have.
  • Show your advance through the ranks.
  • Don't include no more than two references.


DON'T (embarrass yourself)

  • Give out old or outdated information.
  • Unprofessional tones are a turn-off.
  • Stick to one font or letter design.
  • Don't offer any link to your social media page unless you have to.

Suppose a standout Digital Marketing Resume example is not complete. So why don't you verify one of the most effective Digital Marketing resume templates here: many professionals have successfully used it to take their career to the next level.

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