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Top 10 SEO trends to follow in 2022

Top 10 SEO Trends To Follow In 2022

Top 10 SEO Trends To Follow In 2022

No doubt, we are living in the digital age where most of the businesses are running online. And, it’s indispensable for businesses to keep their website on top of the SERPs to attain maximum traffic and leads. People who are running their online businesses such as e-commerce stores, a website, educational platforms, a blogs know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is highly essential to optimize the visibility online.

In other words, it helps a person to see your website, attracts online traffic, improves your Google ranking, and helps you to offer your products or services to a maximum number of individuals. Also, it is beneficial for building customer trust. No wonder, people or businesses who have adopted SEO in its true form are running their online businesses successfully beating their competitors on a daily basis.

However, it is very important to keep your eyes on the latest SEO trends. Every year, SEO trends influence the strategies and concepts. These trends prove a game-changer for any online business to attain the highest rankings and traffic online.

No wonder the SEO remains as it is but its algorithm as well as search trends keep updating. This further affects everything. So, to avoid being behind in your game, here are some of the top 10 SEO trends of 2022 which are approved by some of the renowned SEO experts like Kayle Larkin, Jenn Mathews, John Shehata, etc. There is no doubt about the fact that these trends are changing the landscape and will help you generate more traffic and keep the ranking high.

Top 10 SEO Trends In 2022 That One Must Know:

1. Page experience update:

This is now known as Core Web Vitals which has completely changed the search from the past few years. It is an important Google ranking factor and involves various performance metrics such as the largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift. These metrics help in improving the page experience and affect SEO. Also, one can use free tools like Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, etc. to improve their web pages without the help of web developers.

2. ‘People also ask’ feature:

According to a study of 2.5 million search queries, this feature shows around 48.6% of searches. With the right placement at the top of the SERP, everyone desires to see their content on this feature. However, this can only be achieved by answering all the common content questions, using tools for keyword research, following H2s and H3s format, or adding relevant FAQs.

3. Keyword Research and clustering: This is one of the main SEO trends of 2022. However, with the advancement in Google’s natural language processing, targeting appropriate keywords has become slightly cumbersome.  Now, there’s no need to optimize your landing pages or blog posts for a set of keywords or individual keywords. The search engine now ranks landing pages for numerous keywords.

Hence, Keyword Clustering will help in boosting your keyword rankings. One needs to know various keywords with the same search intent and create web pages to target these ‘clusters’.

4. AI SEO and content tools:

Another one of the important SEO trends one shouldn’t ignore is AI content tools such as CopyAI, Jarvis, etc. Using such tools helps generate topics, meta-tags, complete articles, paragraphs, as well as titles with minimum inputs. The best way to use these AI content tools is to make Meta tag generation, title generation, topics, first drafts, etc.

Although one should not completely rely on AI content tools, they can create a big difference in 2022 to enhance the content quality to a great extent without making much effort.

5. Content optimization tools:

Using such tools in 2022 will help one to create top-notch as well as semantically-high content with a high ranking at Google. The content optimization tool uses Google’s NLP algorithm and identifies subtopics, synonyms, common questions, etc. There are going to be many websites that will be using the strength of content tools in the year 2022.

6. Schema Markup:

This is the vocabulary of microdata that allows Google to understand as well as get the content in a better way from web pages. This further helps it to show rich snippets that attract the users to click. No wonder, Google is in love with rich snippets as it allows the users to have an idea about the content they are in search of and offers an amazing experience. Google supports Schema Markup every year and its pace is not down anytime soon. Businesses that are already using Schema Markup are better than their competitors.

7. Long-form content:
Google is known to rank best quality content and the length of the content doesn’t affect the ranking. No wonder, there is a better correlation between lengthy content as well as better rankings. Long-form content is the newest SEO trend. According to Google, it offers in-depth content, better research as well as analyses, sourcing, etc. As time passes, Google will keep on improving the NLP algorithms, thus the search engine will get better at checking the quality of the content. Thus, it is essential to offer comprehensive content and include targeted keywords.

8. Old principles of SEO:
Google is known to keep updating its algorithm with time and its technology keeps getting better. But the old principles of SEO remain the same. Thus, to be successful and gain maximum traffic, it is essential to not forget the basics while following SEO trends 2022.

Here are some of them mentioned:
Quality content: Offering in-depth and original articles with relevant keywords plays a huge role.
On-page SEO: Every content should have meta-descriptions, header tags, body text, etc. for Google to understand your website’s content.
Backlinks: Giving attention to top-notch backlinks with the help of guest posting, public relations, etc. can be beneficial.
Technical: It is imperative to offer fast-loading as well as responsive web pages.

9. Democratization of search:
Google gives importance to high-quality content as well as page experience signals as compared to authority. Thus, the role of the authority is not higher than content and performance. However, backlinks, as well as domain authority, are still important for a better ranking in the year 2022. It is clear that search is becoming a more modern place than before.

10. New search engines:
GPT-3 is the open-source technology that is offering opportunities to various new players to create their new search engines. Hence, we may see some new search engines in 2022 and in the near future to target and reach new customers.

No wonder, Google is the prominent search engine in the world and it’s not going to lose its users anytime soon. But various companies like Apple are creating their search experiences for the betterment of the users. Thus, it is beneficial for the SEO industry because various businesses, as well as brands, will get a new medium to get discovered online.

Every website/ online store owner or a digital marketer who wants to get maximum traffic should stick to the top 10 SEO trends of 2022. All the trends mentioned above are going to help you stay ahead of your game by making better profits. Thus, follow them religiously and don’t forget the principles of SEO as they remain the same.

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