SEO Course Online

SEO Course Online

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Do you want your business or website to show up on Google Maps and other local search results? Find out how to set up your Google My Business Page, and learn how to incorporate links and reviews. Also, discover how to secure backlinks from reputable/authorities sites and handle SEO for your business or any other business that has many locations. If you want to increase your ranking, understand the competition, or know how search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing operates this is the course for you.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the success of every business. Customers do not depend on the yellow pages or newspapers anymore. They go to Google instead. This course by Yoganand will help businesses or companies of all sizes reach maximum visibility on search engines, and also drive more traffic (web traffic and foot traffic) to your websites and business stores.

About This Course

This course centers on technical, mobile and social strategies for increasing your website traffic. Learn how to build advanced level SEO link building Strategies and techniques to improve your site's ranking. Discover methods used to optimize mobile-friendly websites, and drive organic SEO traffic to your website or offline business. You will also learn how to know key SEO metrics, interpret, endorse, collect, and report success in your SEO campaign.

In this course, you will first, get an overview of the how SEO works, tips for analyzing and increasing your website traffic, and advice on the best keyword research method to use. Author Yoganand also shows how to optimize your website structure and on-page content, and how to make sure your business or website name, your business address, and your phone is showing consistently all over the internet. 

What Will I Learn From This Course?

• Step-by-step killer backlink building methods.

• How to carry out keyword research like a pro.

• Discover what users are searching for on the internet.

• Top on-page optimization tricks on how to increase your website ranking on search engines.

• Proven off-page tips on how to generate or build targeted traffic.

• How Google and other search engines rank websites.

• Get to know how to get thousands of Visitors from the Search Engines every day to your business for free.

• You will learn interesting Google and Bing Secrets which is going to be of good help to you in the long run. 


•    No experience is required because this course will teach you from A-Z, everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization. 

Who Is The Target Audience?

•    Business owners who want to learn how to make use of SEO to get more sales.

•    Website owners who wish to increase their website rankings on search engines.

•    Freelancers who want to rank their clients business website or their websites.

•    Web designers who want to have proper knowledge on how to set-up websites in order to rank well in search engines.

•    This course is genuinely for you if you own a business, or wants to start a business online or even offline.

•    People who want to start a career as an SEO in any Digital Marketing Company, because the skills gained through this course could help you get your dream job in digital marketing.

•    Individuals who want to earn from Google AdSense or an affiliate program.

•    Online marketers. 

Take this SEO Training Course and follow a proven step by step guide and surely rank #1 in Google search engine. Every explanation in this course is in plain English and all the tools recommended is free. All lectures are quickly updated if there are any changes in SEO methods or the Free tools recommended.

Every second you wait is costing you valuable leads, sales and tons of traffic.

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Course Curriculum

01. Introduction Google & SEO

02. Keyword Research Using Paid Tools

03. Competitive Analysis

04. On Page Optimization

05. Building Backlink using Techniques

06. Google Analytics & Its Importance

07. Webmaster Tools & Its Importance

08. Increase Your Traffic Using Schema

09. Local SEO

10. Reports and Management

11. SEO Secrets Reveled Make Money From SEO

12. Case Studies

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