How To Start Digital Marketing Freelancing

How To Start Digital Marketing Freelancing


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Freelancers are making a whole lot of money. Some folks are wondering what is freelancing and others are thinking about how to start freelancing. In this course, I will discuss and provide answers to both questions. Basically freelancing or freelance job means delivering a particular task within a set deadline.

In this course, I will show you a sample of some of the types of freelance skills and the appropriate place you can offer this service and make a huge profit. You will be shocked about the number of websites out there for one thing only: to enable you to get freelancer career as well as assist companies to locate the employees or workers that they need, regardless of what the service it is. In case you haven’t discovered your niche yet or get as many job opportunities as possible, this How To Start Freelancing Course is for you.

How To Start Freelancing Course

In this course, author and seasoned freelancer Ayyagari Yoganand presents the tips on how to get ready for a transition to freelancing,start out by taking a look at your career goals, the systems that will support your skills and goals, and the proper ways to plan for success in freelancing. Find out how to marshal your resources, perfect your portfolio for presentation to clients, as well as estimate your costs to prevent any unexpected situations in the financial phase. In addition,you will figure out how to generate invoices, manage your books and income taxes, and increase your client base with marketing and advertising so as to grow your freelancing business. An added bonus takes care of common questions freelancers have when entering the industry.

Join Yoganand as he takes you through the ins and outs of becoming a successful freelancer. He provides a brief introduction to life as a how to start freelancing, and he shares his tricks and tips for becoming a successful independent freelancer in india.

What Will I Learn?

  •  A strategy for branding yourself/business which includes developing a website, portfolio, business card, and more!
    • How to earn jobs & bring in more revenue than ever before.
    • How to succeed in freelancing (100% Assured if you adhere to the instructions provided in this course).
    • How to make your freelancing profile 100% complete as this is indispensable due to the fact that it aids you to win jobs.
    • How you can successfully pass some basic tests to demonstrate your worthiness to clients.
    • Factors that cause the failure in freelancing and how to avoid those mistakes and succeed.
    • Tools for freelancers.
    • How to identify your skills,strengths,and competencies so as to use them online.
    • How and the best places to sell your freelancing services online.
    • Learn and exploit the best and most effective ways to make money as a freelancer.
    • Understand the power of outsourcing and the best way to make use of it to your advantage.
    • Topics Covers (Fiverr, SEO, Upwork and many other freelancing websites).
    • The ideal kinds of services to sell as a freelance worker.
    • The best freelancer websites that suits your skill and know how to use these sites.
    • Numerous tips on how to find work as a freelancer.


    You must have the desire to change and improve your life

    Target Audience?

    • Anyone who would like to earn money by doing what he or sheloves.
    • This training course is not for folks who don’t want to take action…
    • Anyone who desires to be a freelancer but don’t know where to start off and what to do.
    • Anyone who doesn’t have any money at all to make investments in his business but still wants to start a business.
    • Those enthusiastic about pursuing a career in freelancing.
    • Current freelancers who would like to boost their earnings.
    • People who are eager to have the freedom to work from home.
    • People that are currently employed, but looking to get involved in entrepreneurship.

    Sign up for this training course and quit fantasizing about a better life and start living one!

Topics Covered:

Session 01: How To Start Digital Marketing Freelancing
  • Introduction
  • Start with Marketing Research
  • How to Collect Data
  • Create Avatar for Your Customer
  • Develop Your Own Content
  • Promote via Search, Social, Ads, Affiliate, Email
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Case Study: How I generated leads from Freelancing Marketing