SMO Training in Hyderabad

SMO Training in Hyderabad


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SMO Training Course Details

ssocial media optimization has been a well-known technique for making a website or a business known. In fact, marketing techniques like email marketing, internet marketing, and various other similar concepts have been regularly used to promote websites or businesses, but ain’t converting more like social media marketing.

However, technology is evolving with changes, newer concepts and strategies have come out and these concepts have been very successful for the promotion of any business online. One of the most recent and successful techniques is social media optimization. Social media optimization is similar to other optimization strategies that are used for the promotion of online web sites.

SMO Marketing has its own peculiarity and there is certain unique principle that needs to be followed while adopting social media optimization for the optimization of a business website in World Wide Web.

In today’s world, social media networking plays a vital role in facilitating communication and relationship between companies and their customers. But unfortunately, many individuals uses this platform without fully maximizing its usage. This ineptitude in turn, puts their company reputation in jeopardy.

Through this social media optimization course, you will learn how to avoid the mistakes that others are making, and you will also develop strong social media optimization strategies that will allow you to take advantage of the broad marketing opportunities that social networks offer.

About Social Media Optimization Course?

Small business can’t afford not to be on social media. Having a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ account keeps you connected with your clients, and it also helps you derive more traffic to your website or bricks and mortar store when used wisely. Join the social media strategist Yoganand as he explains the key terms and definitions of social media optimization.

And he explores existing features in social media like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ that will give you more flexibility and more reach. In this social media optimization course, you will find out how the latest changes affect your brand or business standing on social media and how to connect better in order to get the best out of it…

How This Course Is Structured?

This course is structured such that everyone is able to follow along. This social media marketing course starts by covering beginner social media marketing topics and goes over the fundamentals. Once the newbies is up to speed, we get into more complex social media optimization strategies that will help your business grow.

This course focuses on popular social media optimization strategies like Pinterest optimization strategy, Twitter optimization strategy, LinkedIn optimization strategy, Google+ optimization and how to do social media optimization on a few other social networks. This list of social media networks could be endless because there are so numerous social networks, so I’ll stop there since we will discuss indebt about other social media sites.

Why I Made This Course

The major reason I created this course is because I often see entrepreneurs struggling with getting traffic and exposure from social media. In this course, I explain in-depth social media marketing strategy and this strategies/techniques is simply enough for anybody to implement.

My main aim of creating this course is to truly help you succeed, and I go out of my way to help students in every possible means. As a bonus to this course lectures, you get my full help and advice… As a student of this course, you have the liberty to message me with private questions. I respond with answers to 99% of the questions within 24 hours. I truly love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic understanding of optimizations of social media platforms.
  • How to set business goals in order to Increase your social media efforts.
  • Where to use keywords in your social media profiles.
  • Social media content creation tips.
  • You will learn basic and advanced social media marketing tips and strategies.
  • You will learn many ways to promote your business using social media marketing tools.
  • Ways to promote your business on Facebook.
  • Ways to promote your business on Twitter.
  • Ways to promote your business on Pinterest.
  • Learn to promote your business on LinkedIn.
  • Learn to promote your business on Google +
  • How to combine SEO and social media for double effect.
  • How to increase social sharing of your products or services.
  • How to brand your business or yourself using social media.


  • You must be willingly to learn how to do social media marketing the right and effective way.

SMO Training Course Syllabus:

Session 01: Social Media Optimization
  • Introduction
  • Scope of Social Media
  • Types of Social Media
  • Choosing your channels
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Vision & Goals
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Automation(Hootsuite and Many More)
  • Closing