sms marketing course in hyderabad

sms marketing course in hyderabad


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SMS Marketing is another ways giving offers to your customers like giving coupons, special deals and some price off on the products. SMS Marketing Course in Hyderabad is another way for promoting your Ad campaigns and it also another way to reach your customers.

Do you know “SMS Marketing” means what? SMS describe as “Short Messages Service” and it is also known as “Text Message Marketing” this means that it allows you to send messages and receive messages form people after acquiring permission for the same.

About SMS Marketing Course?

SMS “Text marketing” is one of the most effective in digital marketing tools which are available to the business owners, as it very new so some mistakes might happen.

Our course on “SMS marketing” will teach you all the advanced concepts of SMS Marketing, craft copy of messages and how to use web traffic and etc. This SMS Marketing Course is for business owners, Digital Marketing, CMOs, and Sales & Marketers.

Join our SMS Marketing course in hyderabad and our trainer Mr. Yoganand will helps you to understand the keys terms and definitions of “SMS Marketing”.

As he explore many features in “SMS Marketing” like how to craft copy the messages, bring back the customers, drive web traffic, regulates the law and to contact and nurture leads. In this “SMS Marketing” course, you will help you how to generate millions of dollars of revenues from your clients.

What you will learn in this course:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Fundamentals of SMS “Text Message" Marketing.
  • Strategies for industries in: E-Commerce, Brick and Mortar, Restaurant, Service, Lead Gen, Local businesses, Apps, and more!
  • How to craft copy for SMS “Text Message" Marketing to be effective.
  • How to use SMS “Text Message" Marketing to bring customers back.
  • How to use SMS “Text Message" Marketing to drive web traffic.
  • How to use SMS “Text Message" Marketing to contact and nurture leads.
  • The laws and regulations of SMS “Text Message" Marketing.

SMS Marketing Course Topics:

  • Introduction
  • Importance of SMS Marketing
  • Sequence VS Broadcasting SMS
  • Advantages of SMS Platforms
  • How to grow your SMS list
  • Tools to collect contact numbers
  • Lead Magnet through SMS Marketing
  • Working with 2 SMS Platforms
  • How to send Bulk SMS
  • How to Send in Different Languages
  • Custom Sender IDs
  • Send Files via SMS
  • Real-time Reports
  • Closing
  • SMS Marketing Course Fee: 3000/-

  • SMS Marketing Duration: 4 Days