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A well-written business proposal is an opportunity to win new business.

A business proposal is a document you’d send to a prospect, outlining the service you’re offering and explaining why you’re the best person in the industry.

In this Workshop, I will be going to explain to you how to write a winning business proposal.

Once if we know how to write a good business proposal, we can use a system like Insightly CRM to keep track of deadlines, contacts, and other proposal details.

B2B Business mostly starts with the client signing off the Business Proposal submitted by the vendor. It happens mostly in the B2B sales pipeline process.

Event Highlights:

  • Introduction
  • How To Find Clients
  • Explain About Your Service (Introducing Your Business To Client)
  • Analyzing Client’s Business
  • Creating Business Quote (Plan of Action)
  • Tracking The Client (Follow Up Client)
  • Close The Deal
  • Session Closing

We look forward to engaging with you on 21st July 2019 10:30 AM!   

Note: This workshop is only for working Professionals, Freelancers and Startups, who wants to grab Clients in the Business World.

My goal is to help you all through different sources to Endeavour your Career in business and freelancing.

Thanks and Happy Learning!