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Today, we present one such Inspiring story of our Alumni Entrepreneur Mr. Ganesh, he started his journey as HR Generalist for 10 yrs, through his vision and hard work he has established his own business and running it successfully till date.

His philosophy of life is “Think positive and you will get positive”.

To know the stages in his career growth and how his story is an inspiration to others. Let’s Begin..


We had a session of question and answers with Mr. Ganesh, we have learnt amazing facts about his career journey as to how he has reached from nowhere to somewhere.

Mr. Ganesh is here to give a throw back on his journey about what he achieved till date and what are his determinations for future.

‘We Introduce Mr. Ganesh a successful Entrepreneur with 10 years of past experience into HR.

Q. Hi Ganesh
A. Hi Haritha

Q. can you tell me What is your background?
A. I pursued MBA HR with Degree B.COM

Q. Why did you jump to MBA HR from Degree
A. I enquired from differences sources as to what to do after degree and I found human relations interesting so I proceeded with MBA – HR.

Q. Do you have any corporate experience or you are a fresher? What is your current position?
A. I have 10 yrs of experience in HR Generalist profile. I own a business now.

Q. Ganesh! Which Business are you into?
A. I put up a business favoring nature which is called “Plan a Plant”.

Q. Plan a Plant” sounds very interesting and very rare business, what is it all about?
A. Nowadays it is evident that everything is polluted and we hardly find anything pure and organic including vegetables, oil, or any ready made food for children to adults.

Plan a Plant is established to bring awareness among people and make it as a tradition to plant trees periodically so that we can preserve our nature and save the nature for future generations.

Q. How many years it’s been you established your company?
A. It’s been 2.5 yrs I have started my company and its going well as of now.

Q. This Idea “Plan a Plant” is very inspiring how did you get this idea of business?
A. While I was working, I came across NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) through my friend, he was going through some stress and he was into NLP to help himself.

They council to motivate and change a pessimist person into an optimistic person I happen to visit NLP center, I got bonded with it, completed the counselling and found myself on what I actually want. Here I learnt about LOA (Law of Attraction).

Q. What is LOA (Law of Attraction)?

  • LOA says that “What you give is what you get”. It preaches a Secret book which states that if we think positive, we will experience positive, if we think negative, we will experience negative circumstances.
  • We should always be positive and take a forward step to achieve something in life. Like, I had a positive thought to establish a company which preserves nature and useful to future generations.

Q. What inspired to you to establish this business?
A. I see around many people cutting trees for different purposes, which is a big threat to our nature and future generations.
In present situation we are suffering for water shortage and global warming is growing drastically in such a scenario it is responsibility of every citizen to grow a plant and save nature.

From the course LOA (Law of Attraction) I have learned “We reap what we sow” so as an initiative I thought I shall take the responsibility and hence this idea “Plan a Plant has come into existence and as an individual I am doing best out of me to save nature and bring awareness in others through Digital Marketing techniques and other means of communication.

Q. When did you get an idea to opt for Digital Marketing?
A. while I was doing ground work to establish my business, I started researching on how to bring the business into market.
I found Digital Marketing as very appropriate medium to promote and brand my business.  So, I started Search for Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

Q. How did you know about DMT? How much do you rate on a scale of 5?
A. I browsed through google and found DMT institute and joined there to learn Digital Marketing.  I rate DMT 4 on a scale of 5

Q. What do you have to say about the DMT-Digital Marketing Trainer?
A. DMT Trainer Mr. Yoganand is very professional; his style of explanation is very unique. It is very interesting and easy to understand even for a layman.  Even today I call him for doubts, he addresses me very patiently and solves all my doubts.

Q. So you say DMT (Digital Marketing Trainer) institute plays major role in your success?

  • Yes, I can say DMT is one of the milestones in my career, the coordination and support is very much appreciable.
  • Initially, I couldn’t get on with the subject but the trainer Mr. Yoganand was such a supportive person he made the subject very understandable, he daily assigned me work and monitored continuously which created interest in me towards the subject.
  • Overcoming many mistakes and hurdles I completed the course and it could only happen with the support of the trainer.
    Now, I apply the Digital Marketing techniques in day to day activities in business and I am able to reach people all over.

Q. Coming back to our discussion any achievements in business till now?
A. Yes, I have received an official Appreciation letter from Gujarat CM for “Plant Ganesh” concept.
Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi has mentioned about my concept in a Radio program “Mann Ki Baat” (Need Links) which I think is a really big achievement.

I strongly determine to meet him one day and I will achieve it.

“Excellent Ganesh” that’s a great achievement, I appreciate your determination.
I wish you all the very best for your future determinations.

Q. Any suggestions you have to say to people?
A. My best idea to save and preserve nature is to introduce and implement the Plan a plant concept from school level and make it a tradition to follow for life time.

Q. “Ganesh one last question”, What is your Philosophy of life?
A. My Philosophy of life is “Think positive and achieve positive”.  If we think good then good things will happen to us and do not hesitate to determine what you want. If we determine something with positive hope and leave it to universe then it will definitely happen.

Thanks, Ganesh, for taking out time for us out of your busy schedule and answering all our questions.

We got to know many interesting facts from your story.

we will look up to you and follow “Go Green” and participate in your mission “Plan a Plant” and spread this awareness as much as possible.


This is an Inspiring Story of our Alumni Entrepreneur Mr. Ganesh. We will come up with another Inspiring Story of our DMT Student.

Haritha Kopparapu

Hi, I am Haritha working as a Content Marketing Specialist at DMT. I have 3+yrs of exp in Content Marketing. To know more about me visit my LinkedIn profile.