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The norms of doing business have changed completely over the past few years. It is because every big and small business owner understands the importance and power of doing online business. However, to help every business owner get on the path of success, Amazon is playing a massive role. It has become a go-to-place or first choice for ecommerce purchases. 

No wonder, Amazon has given wings to every business owner by selling their products on this platform without putting in much investment. However, with the introduction of their new FBA program, you can be an independent seller and flourish your business. This program allows you to sell your products without worrying much about logistics. In other words, Amazon offers a delivery platform to your business if you don’t have your logistics team, delivery trucks, or a warehouse to store the products.

Understand the Amazon FBA program in detail:

FBA is a Fulfillment by Amazon. The program was launched in the year 2006 with the purpose to benefit sellers as well as customers. This program has proven to be wildly successful and is offering a chance to the sellers to overcome customer service challenges. 

This will help sellers like you to make the best use of Amazon’s massive infrastructure and sell the products. Ultimately, it will help the sellers and the Amazons customers to experience fast and reliable shipping. Also, the program helps in dealing with customer communication related to the order and handles every payment.  

How does the program work?

The working of the Amazon FBA program is very smooth. It is about you selling the products and Amazon handles the shipping process. The eCommerce shipping, as well as logistics, will handle every delivery of yours. However, there are some nuances about this program that you need to understand: 

  • You as a seller send the inventory to the fulfillment centers of Amazon. 
  • Now Amazon receives, checks, and stores the inventory after the arrival.
  • The customer places an order for the product. 
  • Amazon now picks, packs the order, and ships it to the buyer. 
  • The program will also handle the customer service related to the product. 
  • In case of any product return, Amazon is going to handle that as well. 

Amazing benefits of FBA program:

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the FBA program that you can enjoy if you opt for it: 

  • Unexceptional logistics as well as warehouse facilities – Getting into the FBA program is equal to enjoying Amazon’s amazing fulfillment centers, air freight, merchant vessels, aerial drone, truck trailers, etc. It has the world’s best fulfillment networks. 
  • Yes to fast as well as free shipping – Buyers love free as well as fast shipping and with Amazon Prime buyers can enjoy express shipping. With the Amazon Prime feature, a same-day delivery service is available. Plus, subscribers can also experience two-day delivery, same-day delivery, two-hour delivery, etc. 
  • Win the buy box – Being an FBA seller offers another benefit as well like the buy box. It allows the customers to add various items to the shopping cart quickly. The buy box also converts into sales. 
  • Amazing scalability – There are various other programs under the FBA that can benefit your business like FBA subscribe and save, FBA export, FBA Pan-EU, FBA small and light, and multi-channel fulfillment. 
  • Best shipping rates – Amazon has signed an agreement with the leading carriers like FedEx, DHL express, UPS, or USPS and they are known as Amazon partnered carriers. Thus, these companies are best known to offer amazing discount shipping rates to Amazon. Thus, if you are in this program you don’t have to bargain the rates because Amazon has got everything sorted. 

How to be an Amazon FBA seller? 

Here is a complete guide that explains becoming an Amazon FBA seller: 

1. Choose your niche – Choosing your niche plays a huge role because of the requirements and restrictions of FBA. In case you fail to do it then you may face: 

  • Return/disposal of the inventory after the arrival
  • Blocked future shipment
  • Deactivation of the selling account 
  • Charges for preparation

However, you can avoid this by avoiding niches such as vehicle tires, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, expired products, defective units, loosely packed batteries, gift cards, certificates, etc. 

2. Products to sell – After selecting the niche, it is now time to find and sell the products. Here are some tips you can follow to find the product under your selected niche: 

  • Go for small and lightweight products. 
  • Go for generic products as it is easy to rebrand them. 
  • You don’t need Amazon’s approval to sell the product. 
  • Selling the product can be done throughout the year.

3. Search for supplier – This point can make or mar the FBA business. Finding the right supplier is highly essential. Here are some essential things that need to be considered before taking the plunge: 

  • They should follow the rules of Amazon as well as local authorities. 
  • They have to go through third-party inspection for the sake of quality. 
  • The supplier should manufacture products consistently. 

4. Brand establishment – Giving an identity to the product can make you stand out of the crowd. Also, this will add value to your products. Thus, it is essential to think of at least two brand names, one for the seller and the other for the product. Also, don’t forget about brand design. It includes a brand logo and the design for the company and products. This can be done by outsourcing a graphic designer if you are unaware of the process. 

5. Sign up for the FBA seller account – Before you start selling your products it is imperative to sign up for the FBA seller account. Here are a few things that you need to have first: 

  • Tax information 
  • Government ID 
  • Number of your bank account
  • Business phone number 
  • Active credit card
  • Business email address 

After this, you need to choose the Amazon seller plan as per your business objectives as well as strategies. You can either go for a professional plan or an individual’s plan.

6. Product listings – This is known to be the showroom where the seller needs to display his products. It is essential for you as a seller to describe the product. Make sure that the title of the product is descriptive for the shoppers to know it better. Also, don’t forget to add HD images for better visual clarity. You can even write about the product benefits in the description box. However, while you following everything ensure that everything is done as per the standards of the buyer as well as Amazon’s algorithm. 

7. Product packaging – For this step to complete, you need additional staffing. Amazon has some rules which are to be followed when it comes to product packaging. Out of all the rules, one is to packed products should not be above 50 lbs. or more than 25 inches in length from any side. However, the complete information can be offered at Amazon Seller Central or you can read the complete instructions of Amazon FBA packaging as well as prep requirements. 

8. Shipping the inventory – Now is the time to complete your first shipment. There are certain steps that you need to follow to have successful shipping inventory: 

Part 1- Product selection to ship

  • First thing first, register the seller account for FBA
  • Now go to Inventory> Manage inventory 
  • Select the product that you want to ship
  • Go to the Actions drop-down menu, select the Select/ Replenish inventory option
  • Set the shipping address or location 
  • Decide the packaging type
  • Click on the Continue button to generate a shipping plan

Part 2 – Shipment creation:

  • Go to the set quantity page and complete the unit per case as well as a number of cases option. Later click on Continue. 
  • You will land on Prepare Products page where you can choose the person to prepare inventory by clicking on the ‘Who preps’ option. 
  • Now on Label Products pages, select the labels in the option ‘of labels to print. Later click on the ‘Print labels for this page option'. 
  • You will reach to Review Shipments page. 
  • Now it is time to ‘Approve’ the plan of the shipment. After the approval, the page will change to ‘View Shipments.’
  • You need to prepare the shipments and you can also finalize the delivery method. 
  • Now select the shipping method as well as the shipping carrier. 
  • Cross-check everything and later tap on the ‘Calculate’ option. Also, you need to agree with the terms and conditions. 
  • Tap on the ‘Accept charges’ option.
  • Click on ‘Print box labels.’

9. Launch the product – The last step is to launch your product. This can be done by following a few steps like optimizing the product detail page, creating a buzz or advertising, setting up PPC campaigns, getting organic reviews, and last launch the product.


Opting for Amazon’s FBA program will give you a sense of satisfaction and will offer great benefits and profits. However, before entering into this program it is essential for you to understand it better. The above-mentioned guide is super simple and covers every point which is needed to avoid doing any mistakes while following the FBA program and become a successful seller.