Whatsapp Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Whatsapp Marketing Course in Hyderabad


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In this professional WhatsApp marketing course, you will learn how to use the best marketing chatbot tools to customize your communications to your customers and increase interaction with them on WhatsApp without having to spend a lot of Money.

In addition, it helps companies stay connected with their customers via the most popular channels, such as SMS, WordPress, WhatsApp, and more.

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a vast and untapped traffic source. WhatsApp has become a part of the everyday life of every single person who owns a smartphone. Could you imagine a vast and untapped traffic source waiting to Let’s find out for your business? As of the moment, no Digital Marketer has given it much thought, so this makes it one of the Hottest Traffic Sources available to them at the moment.

With over 2 billion users across 180 countries, you can never go wrong with a user base that is over 2 billion. By using WhatsApp, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

According to my study, Over 100 Billion Messages are sent on WhatsApp daily. What are you doing with this figure? Are you taking advantage of it?

Unlike Email, which has a poor and decreasing open rate, WhatsApp messages opened at over 98%, far higher than the available rate of Email. Additionally, there is a severe level of engagement behind this as well.

What best way to market your business/products/services on Whatsapp? You’d have to use the latest and most effective strategies to increase sales and revenue through WhatsApp. 

You’ll learn in this complete WhatsApp marketing course. We’ll teach you the most profitable and valuable strategies that will result in more contacts, status views, conversions, sales, and loyal customers.

It has taken DMT Academy months to create and compile the most comprehensive course on Whatsapp marketing with perfectly edited episodes that dive right into the topic of discussion. We value time and Money and don’t want to waste them.

It has made it easier for you to understand the information with screen recordings and step-by-step breakdowns. These will put you steps ahead of your competitors in 2022.

Here, we will explain how to set up your Whatsapp profile properly so that it suits your type of business, how to increase your contacts on Whatsapp, how to increase your status views on Whatsapp, how to respond to both old and new customers, and how to keep them loyal.

This course has over 5 lectures and 2 hours of content for anyone who has a business or wants to start doing WhatsApp marketing online. Every section ends with a recap and conclusion of what you have learned.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts regarding the course, feedback, success stories, and most importantly if you have any positive reviews to share.

This course will teach you exactly how to use WhatsApp to increase your products and services sales.

Whatsapp Marketing Batch Timings

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20th Aug 22 08:00 PM To 09:30 PM Online
3rd Sep 22 08:00 PM To 09:30 PM Online

What you will learn:

  • Whatsapp marketing for Personal use.
  • Understand how to use WhatsApp for their business
  • How to install and set up WhatsApp marketing business.
  • Finding new customers using WhatsApp
  • Spot major opportunities to use WhatsApp for promoting offers.
  • Importance of WhatsApp Status and stories
  • Getting leads and selling through WhatsApp app
  • Case Studies of successful WhatsApp campaigns that you can use.
  • Create and manage WhatsApp business catalogs
  • Learn how to use WhatsApp Ad campaigns using the Facebook Ad manager
  • Setting up pre-defined greeting messages and other messages also
  • Setting up short links for WhatsApp business for running a campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Labeling a chat-based type of business conversation
  • Setting up quick replies
  • Using other features effectively to unlock maximum business growth through WhatsApp for business.
  • How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without saving the numbers on your phone.
  • In Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaigns, include each person’s name (a powerful marketing strategy).
  • Filtering WhatsApp Numbers from Non-WhatsApp Numbers.
  • Here’s how to extract the phone numbers of any WhatsApp group members with just one click.
  • Avoiding WhatsApp bans in bulk campaigns.
  • These are just some of the things.
I would like to take a moment before we get into the details of WhatsApp marketing for business. So, join this WhatsApp Marketing Course today; you will learn more if you want to grow your business.

Whatsapp Marketing Course Syllabus:

Session 01: Introduction To Whatsapp

  • Importance Whatsapp Marketing
  • Whatsapp Personal App
  • Whatsapp For Business App

Session 02: Whatsapp Marketing For Personal

  • Installing App
  • Updating Profile
  • Creating a new message
  • How To Send Media
  • Send broadcast Message
  • Using Emojis & Gifs for marketing
  • Creating graphics for Whatsapp
  • Send your Special Offers
  • Marketing with Videos on Whatsapp
  • Strategies To Build Whatsapp List
  • Importance of Whatsapp Group
  • Techniques to grow your whatsapp group
  • Activating Whatsapp Web
  • Using Whatsapp Web tool
  • Importance of Whatsapp Stories
  • Publish a Story
  • Video across multiple stories
  • Techniques to Use Stories

Session 03: Whatsapp Marketing For Business

  • Why Whatsapp Business is important for your business
  • Installing Whatsapp Business App
  • Create Profile
  • Create a short link for web
  • Using the Catalogue
  • Quick Replies
  • Pre-defined Greeting
  • Pinning Chats
  • Labels
  • Away Messages
  • Whatsapp Stories
  • Publishing A Story
  • Be a marketer not a spammer
  • Going viral on Whatsapp
  • Generate Leads Through Whatsapp
  • Custom Notifications
  • Statistics
  • How to Use WhatsApp for Web

Session 04: Working with Whatsapp Marketing Tools

  • How To Download Whatsapp Contacts with single click.
  • How To Download Whatsapp Group Contacts with single click.
  • How To Download Whatsapp Chat list with single Click.
  • How To Arrange Phone Numbers with excel.
  • How To Send Bulk Message to 10,000 List with single click
  • how to avoid getting banned by WhatsApp in your Bulk Campaigns
  • How To Filter WhatsApp Numbers
  • How To Monitor Your Campaign & Many More..
  • Get 2 Whatsapp Tool for Free
  • Best Whatsapp Plugins for your site
  • Get Free 300+ Whatsapp Active Group Links

Session 05: How To Run Whatsapp Ads

  • Setting up WhatsApp Business Account
  • Updating Company Profile for Your Business
  • Setup Automated Responses for Questions
  • Create Labels to Organize Conversations
  • Why Facebook Ads
  • Creating Campaing to promote whatsapp channel
  • View Statistics
  • Closing

Session 06: Closing

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Frequently Asked Questions About WhatsApp Marketing Course

Why should I take WhatsApp marketing course ?

DMT Academy has spent months developing the right course to teach you everything you need to know about Whatsapp marketing. Each segment is beautifully edited and dives straight into the topic without additional filler content.

Click Here to Enroll Now! Learn how to utilize WhatsApp marketing techniques in 2022 to boost your business profits.

How much does WhatsApp marketing software cost?

You can send more than 10,000 bulk WhatsApp messages with our tool without blocking your WhatsApp account. The price starts at ₹. 1999/- Month or ₹.3999/- one-time payment.

Will i get WhatsApp marketing software for Free?

Yes, this software can be obtained through our WhatsApp marketing course. By using our WhatsApp marketing tool, you can send engaging messages that include text, images, documents, and videos.

How can I earn money on WhatsApp?

You can easily make money by promoting our product on social media, through email marketing, or on your website through our affiliate link. You can also share it on your Facebook & WhatsApp status.

How many messages i can send through this tool?

We have designed our tool in a way, you can send a minimum of 10 Messages to a Maximum of 10,000 Messages per day without blocking your WhatsApp account.