Digital Sales Exam Certification

Google Digital Sales is a way of selling Google Digital Solutions to businesses. Business look out for reliable agencies to possess a strong digital sales team to get more leads through Google Digital Solutions.

Google Digital Sales Certification is thus a digital sales exam by Google, that tests a professional knowledge on AdWords Fundamental and Digital Media Advisory.  The certificate demonstrates a professional’s knowledge and expertise on AdWords and necessary skillsets to sell Google Digital Solutions to Clients. It tells your clients about your proficiency in planning, identifying, recommending a Google Digital Solution. 

To earn the certificate an individual has to prepare for the Google Digital Sales Exam. You must have knowledge of AdWords Fundamentals, Basic of Online Advertising & AdWords, Google Advertising Network, Ads Quality, Setting Bids & Budget, Target Audience, and Client Centric Sales Skills. In earn the certificate, you can use a comprehensive Google Digital Sales Assessment Answer eBook, encompassing questions from these topics to help you prepare and earn certification in one go. 

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What about the exam?

Google Digital Sales Assessment in the Academy of Ads by Google consists of 55 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. An examinee has to score 80% or above in the exam to earn the certificate. If you fail exam, you can take a re-test after 7 days.

keep in mind:

  • You need to score at least 80% to pass the exam.
  • If the time runs out before you have answered the questions correctly you will not pass and will not able to resume where you left of the test.
  • You will not be able to edit the answers once you have moved to the next question.
  • In case you fail due to any reason, you must have to wait for 7 days to take the reassessment.

How To Apply Digital Sales Certification