Google Digital Garage Exam

Want to join in the digital world? Start by learning a new digital marketing trick each day and you are all set to join the squad. Take an online course with Google Digital Garage and grow your career or business. Digital Garage Certification is an initiative by Google that allows people to learn from their modules and get set to dive right into the professional mainstream.

You can start by taking an individual module or you can learn end-to-end about digital marketing practices with Digital Garage. The course offers you education in diverse internet marketing segments including:

  • Online Basics and websites selling and advertising online
  • Getting noticed in search engines
  • Locating new opportunities
  • Social Media
  • Measuring your success
  • Mobile marketing, and more.

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With these courses you learn about the basic working of search engines, you learn about managing an organization’s online reputation, how to boost their lead generation, creating their brand awareness and more importantly getting them high returns on their investments.

keep in mind:
  • There are 60 questions in total.
  • An individual must at least take an hour to complete, else you fail automatically.
  • At least 45 questions have to be answered correctly to pass.
  • You can only take the reassessment after 12 hours to the previous assessment.
  • All in all, you have 3 houses to finish the test

How To Apply Digital Garage Exam