Hubspot Inbound Sales Exam

HubSpot is a globally trusted software development company for marketing tools. It develops a range of inbound Sales and marketing tools that aim at easing the job of marketing experts to improve their online presence. It provides tools and techniques for managing social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, market analysis and more. Also, one of the best platforms to earn free certifications in marketing skillsets. It offers an inclusive course in inbound sales, very essential for individuals looking forward to making a career in digital marketing

HubSpot offers you courses to learn about the fundamentals of inbound sales. The course offers you disruptive study material to learn to The course contains 5 lessons as follows:

  • Inbound Sales Fundamentals
  • Prioritizing Active Buyers Over Passive Buyers
  • Earning the Attention of Today’s Empowered Buyer
  • Understanding the Buyer’s Context
  • Delivering Personalized Sales Presentations

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What about the exam?

To earn the certification, you have to take the free inbound sales course available online with HubSpot. At the end of the course, you will be asked to take an assessment. The test is established to test your theoretical and practical knowledge. The certification is a must-have for sales professionals.

The certification consists of 5 quizzes and an assessment of practical and theoretical knowledge of an individual to earn the certification. To pass which, you can take help from HubSpot Inbound Sales Assessment Answer eBook. The eBook consists of all the possible questions asked by HubSpot in an assessment. It gives you a good dose of knowledge and improves your possibility to pass the test in one go.

keep in mind:

  • There are 60 questions in total.
  • An individual must at least take an hour to complete, else you fail automatically.
  • At least 45 questions have to be answered correctly to pass.
  • You can only take the reassessment after 12 hours to the previous assessment.
  • All in all, you have 3 hours to finish the test
  • Once you have moved on to the next question, you cannot come back to change your answer once submitted.

How To Apply Inbound Marketing Exam Certification