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Using Facebook Marketing Generate Leads Like A Pro for your business or clients. In this Workshop, Ms. Sandhya will share her Facebook Marketing Strategies, which are useful even if you are new to Facebook Marketing.

We hope you could start your own business with Facebook lead generation by implementing precisely what Ms. Sandhya will show you in the Workshop and start generating leads from your targeted location in the world. 

We are going to share a Proven Case Study with 10 Times Revenue Generated through the campaign.

Ms. Sandhya will explain to all and get started with lead generation quickly and easily. These are all practical examples that she used to generate leads for different businesses.

Topics explained in Workshop : 

  • Understanding Lead Generation Strategies
  • How to access your ads manager
  • Setting Up lead Generation campaign
  • Ad budget, audience & scheduling
  • Using Video kit or Image to transform your ad creativity.
  • Creating A Lead Generation Form
  • Conversion tracking
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel
  • Finalizing Winning Ad Creative
  • Case Study Overview
  • How To Apply Facebook Blueprint Certification

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About the Instructor:

Ms. Sandhya (Social Media Marketing Specialist) shared her ideas with small and medium-sized businesses to Generate Leads through Facebook Marketing and increase sales for their business. Ms. Sandhya is having more than five years of Experience in Social Media Marketing.

What You will Get Free:

  • Workshop PPT
  • Recorded Session.
  • Sandhya will Answer all your queries at the end of the session.