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How to start selling on Amazon? is one that I get asked often. I have written many posts about how to sell on Amazon successfully, but never a comprehensive workshop to selling on Amazon FBA made especially for beginners.

This workshop is a step to step guidelines for you to know exactly what it takes to make money selling on Amazon.

My goal with this workshop is to show you the full process of what it takes how to sell on Amazon. After attending this workshop I believe you will have enough information to decide if selling on Amazon is something that you wish to pursue.

Before we get into the details, here is a quick look at my experience of how I am selling on Amazon FBA to give you an idea of what’s possible.

About the Speaker:

  • I am Imran, I have 7+ years of experience in Marketing teams and individuals in Amazon selling.
  • Willingness to keep updated of new techniques in corporate teaching
  • Phenomenal communication, presentation and public speaking skills
  • Organizational and time management abilities
  • Critical thinking and decision making.


  • Date: June 23rd, 2019
  • Duration: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Location: Flat no 201, 2nd Floor, Plot-B/7,
    Mallareddy Heights, Madhura Nagar,
    SR Nagar, Hyderabad
  • Hosted by: Digital Marketing Expert,Yoganand
  • Instructor: Imran

Workshop Agenda:

  • How to start Amazon business Selling Success in Less Than 7 Months
  • Is Your Business a Good Fit for Amazon?
  • Amazon Seller Account Setup
  • Amazon Selling Strategies
  • Think like a Buyer
  • Selling Tips on Amazon to Grow Sales
  • Amazon success stories for inspiration

Join us for deep technical sessions, hands-on bootcamps, hackathons, workshops, chalk talks, keynotes, and of course, some uniquely Amazonian fun.

What do you need to know how to sell on Amazon?

Who should attend the workshop?

  • New businesses looking to launch their brand on the established and purchase-focused Amazon marketplace.
  • Ad agencies looking to expand service offerings to current clients and pitch prospective clients on managing the Amazon channel.
  • CPG companies of ALL sizes looking for greater brand continuity and continued exposure to the eCommerce landscape.
  • Established brand names looking to capitalize on current brand awareness and successfully scale their business.
  • PE and VC firms are looking to invest in the Amazon sector but are unsure of the type of pitfalls that result in a lack of return on investment.
  • Inventors looking to test market demand or distribute their fully functioning inventions.
  • Businesses looking for a competitive means of distribution.
  • Individuals who are interested in making money through selling or reselling.

Make Amazon Seller Business the Most Profitable:

That’s not to say that it’s all smooth sailing. Here the to-do list to keep in mind.

1. Be a Proactive Marketer

First and foremost, you can’t simply list your products on Amazon and then hope for enough people to stumble across them. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar business the old adage of “build it and they will come” doesn’t necessarily hold true.

You must be marketing your business on social media, on your blog, using forum marketing, sending emails to your list… you have to get the word out about your business and your products.

For eg, write a blog post with reviews of products in your niche – with links back to your Amazon Seller page.

All marketing efforts – link back to your Amazon store. Build an email list and then market to that list is also very effective.

2. Pick the Right Niche

In Amazon, you have to sell products that people are actually interested in. For this, it’s important to keep in touch with trends through social media, what’s in the news, and other sources.

There are some fads that you might be able to make a quick profit off of — take fidget spinners, for instance. In the long run you’ll want to focus on products in markets that are always strong, like weight loss, natural health, self-development, yoga, consumer electronics, baby items, and others.

A good way to know your market is to check Amazon itself — what are the bestsellers? Remember it’s a good idea to stay in a big mainstream market that will continue to have demand for years to come.

3. Be Competitive and Know Your Competition

It always pays to see what others are doing in your niche. See how they’re pricing their products. What type of marketing they’re using. What specific products, especially new products, they’re offering. Even if your Amazon store is doing amazing… it’s no guarantee it’ll stay that way. You can’t stagnate.

Always be evolving with the market to stay profitable.A great way to do research, especially on Amazon, is to read the positive and negative customer reviews. Find out what people hate and what people love about certain products then be sure that you meet those needs and avoid the pitfalls.

4. Maximize Profits

You might start with just one product on Amazon. But if you want to really make some money, you’re going to have to expand to sell a whole range of items. Again, you have to closely look at the market to see what’s selling well… and then jump on the bandwagon.

It’s also important to take advantage of the holiday season. Christmas time is when bricks-and-mortar retailers make the bulk of their money each year. Same for online sellers. Cyber Monday, right? Make sure you’re well-stocked to handle a flood of orders.

And get this, there’s a way to pay yourself twice. By joining Amazon’s Associate’s program, you can include affiliate links to your own products in your marketing. So when somebody buys you not only get the profit from that sale… but also the referral commission!

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd of June 2019.

Note: This workshop is only for Digital Marketing Professionals who are willing to learn new and “advanced ways to build high-quality Sales for your company on Amazon.

Join this workshop and stay updated.

My goal is to help you all through different sources to Endeavour your Career in business and freelancing.

Thanks and Happy Learning!