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Are you feeling confused as you are unsure, which is the best digital marketing certification that can help you perform better? Well, digital marketing is an industry that is continually evolving and growing.

Hence, if you plan to remain ahead of the competition, it is crucial to comprehend digital marketing trends and thus keep yourself updated. To keep yourself ahead of others, it is always a good idea to comprehend the digital marketing certification courses that will make your profile demanding, thus enhancing the chances of getting employed.

Recruiters look for employees who have a sound knowledge of the techniques and trends in the respective industry. Hence updating yourself with the advanced certifications and trends will boost your career.

The digital marketing certifications list can be pervasive; hence this article attempts to list the ten best certifications that can be genuinely beneficial.

Here are the 10 Digital marketing Certification List:

  1. Google Analytics IQ Certification
  2. Hootsuite Certification
  3. Google Ads Certification
  4. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  5. Digital Garage Certification
  6. YouTube Certification
  7. Inbound Marketing Certification
  8. Facebook BluePrint Certification
  9. Machine Learning Certification
  10. Digital Marketing Trainer Certification

1. Google Analytics IQ Certification:

It is a necessity to learn about Google, which forms a significant part of digital marketing. It is a must to develop your knowledge of KPI monitoring and Google metrics measurements to remain competitive. With Google Analytics Certification, you can build your understanding of search engines extensively. 

To acquire this certification, you must pass the test that consists of around 70 questions. As you begin, you have to create a profile on Google Analytics Academy and attempt free certification. To complete this fantastic certification, the total time taken is between four to six hours. 

2.Hootsuite  Certification:

Even though social media is an excellent tool, but with a more significant number of visitors gets added every moment, these platforms are genuinely overused. Although it is a known fact, no company can survive without using social media platforms. 

Hence, companies are continually searching for employees who are keen on learning about social media platforms with an intent to stay ahead. Among many social media management sites, Hootsuite is a renowned platform that is well known for offering certifications. 

Loaded with different courses, starting it from beginner level to advanced level courses, the employees can go for the courses depending on their performance and expertise.

3. Google Ads Certification:

To remain adapt with the digital marketing techniques, it is crucial to know the various Google tools. Google Ads can influence your marketing plan, and advertising in Google can be beneficial as it enhances return on investments. 

Whether it is a basic or advanced course, if you intend to pass the certification program, it is crucial to have sound knowledge. Some concepts, like campaign setup, optimization, and advertising management, must be on your fingertips. 

Once you get through the Google Ads program assessment, you are awarded the certification. To pass this test, it is essential to score 80% or higher marks.

4. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification:

Content is the most significant thing in modern times, and good quality content is indeed the king. Hence, to become competent with digital marketing techniques, you need to possess excellent communication and writing skills. Employers are on the search of candidates that are proficient in communication and writing.

The HubSpot Certification gives you an overview of 12 categories to keep you updated on modern practices. HubSpot is renowned for its several programs, and most importantly, most of the programs offered by HubSpot is free. This Content certification will enhance your knowledge in various sectors, and it is one of the most preferred certifications in recent times. 

5. Digital Garage Certification:

One popular certification course is Google’s Digital Garage that provides free programs to candidates who are willing to develop in-depth knowledge in digital marketing. This certification program covers varied courses that can help digital marketers keep them updated about the new trends in the digital marketing industry. 

With innovative training modules, it includes a wide variety of topics, starting from analytics to advertising. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital marketer, you’d love the interactive courses. The certifications are extremely valuable as most of the companies give credit to candidates possessing digital garage digital marketing certification.

6. YouTube Certification:

Since the use of videos, they have proved to be one of the best marketing techniques as they can engage a more significant number of people. In the case of digital marketing certification, visual cues are given preference by almost most of the marketers. Youtube, one of the most popular search engines, is well known for providing certifications for different courses. Visiting Youtube can help you earn the Youtube Marketing Certification.

7. Inbound Marketing Certification:

HubSpot offers Inbound Marketing Certification. With this certification, digital marketers learn how to enhance online traffic and different ways to retain them. In this certification course, the candidates come to know about marketing fundamentals and thus improve their knowledge.

8. Facebook BluePrint Certification:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and one of the biggest when it comes to upscaling online presence and boosting the productivity of businesses. Getting yourself enrolled in BluePrint Certification, which is offered by Facebook, can help you to grab leading positions in renowned digital marketing organizations. 

As per this program, two certifications, such as Certified Buying Professional and Facebook Certified Planning Professional, are offered presently.

9. Machine Learning Certification:

With the inception of Artificial Intelligence, SEO, social media, content marketing have witnessed a rapid change. Stanford University offers certification in machine learning courses, thus allowing you to enhance your professional knowledge.

10. Certified Digital Marketing Certifications:

The DMT – Digital Marketing Trainer Institute is located in Hyderabad, Telenagana, India. It provides different certifications for marketers and helps them enhance their knowledge. Some of the digital marketing courses are Certified Digital Marketing Leader, The Digital and Social Selling Specialist, Certified Digital Marketing Manager, and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. Starting from 45 Days to 4 Months course, courses offered by this institute are innovative and incredible. 

 Finally, it can be said, to flourish your digital marketing career, you must complete the courses and acquire certification depending on your needs, which can help you to grab your desired job! 

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