What is Bing Ads Certification:

Bing Ads certification is one of the most popular Pay-per-Click Platforms. An individual must know how to utilize the Bing ads network and offer marketing cost-effectively.

Many people look forward to Bing Ads to earn more leads. In the scarcity of good resources to help them in marketing, Bing Ads Accreditation professional certification can help you get hired or become a marketing partner for many good companies.

Microsoft Bing Ads Professional Certification offers a variety of courses to help individuals utilize the Microsoft platform and become Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.

Download Bing Ads Certification Ebook

How do I get Bing Ads certified?

To earn the Bing Ads Certified, you need to take the Microsoft Bing Ads Certification course. Post the system; you need to take up an assessment, passing which you will receive the Bing Certification. With that certification, you can display your proficiency in:

  • Increasing traffic using traffic through Microsoft Advertising
  • Optimizing Ad Campaigns
  • Maximizing your reporting and tools knowledge

How long does it take to get Bing ads certified?

  • Take the Bing Ads Certification course available online, prepare with Microsoft Advertising Answer eBook. Learn about the basics of Microsoft Advertising and advanced features through eBook.
  • Take the exam online; there is no time limit to complete the exam. You can even pause the exam and resume when convenient.
  • You need to score 80% or more to get certified and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Microsoft community for an entire year.
  • With this Bing exam, you can also apply Google Analytics exam & YouTube Certification Exam.

How To Apply Bing Ads Exam