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DMT is conducting another workshop on Sunday 12th July @ 11:00 AM, “How to install WordPress on your own computer“. Mr.Yoganand Speaker of Digital Marketing Trainer Institute will teach you to create WordPress in Local host to avoid the cost of web hosting and domain. Why WordPress: WordPress is a free platform and its content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MYSQL and Maria Database. WordPress is used by millions of Websites. WordPress is mostly used for content management system solution use. Most of the people doesn’t want to spend money on setting up and maintaining web hosting. In this WordPress workshop you will learn how to install WordPress on your own computer, installing plugins, working with theme Menus & pages. You can setup a Website without using Web-Hosting in your own sites for free of cost. Anyhow WordPress Workshop session is going to be very interesting and easy to follow the steps and understand the concept of installing WordPress in localhost. Speaker will explain everything step by step. What You Will Learn:
  • Install and setup WordPress
  • Install plugins and themes
  • larger files to get uploaded
  • Working with menus
  • Working with pages
  • Working with post
  • Important of 20 plugins for SEO
  • Working On-page SEO
  • Closing
  Note: This workshop is only for beginners. If you are new to WordPress then this workshop is for you. WordPress workshop

I would highly recommend all to attend this workshop, here we are discussing straight to the point no waffle.

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Hi, I am Yoganand, Certified digital marketing Trainer in Hyderabad India, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant and speaker having 10+ years of Experience in digital marketing Field.

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