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Digital Marketing is a field that is dependent on the use of the internet. Most companies are falling back on digital marketing techniques, which have proved to be a lucrative industry.

Unlike the traditional sources of marketing, digital marketing and its methods are different.


It reaches out to a more significant number of clients, and hence it is a very booming industry. 


Digital Marketing tools play an indispensable role in using digital marketing techniques in the right way. In everyday life, digital marketers use different types of marketing tools. However, to promote a business, it is essential to use the right marketing tools. 

The following tools are the best ten digital marketing tools that marketers often use to promote the business and survive in the long run.


HubSpot Marketing Tool:

Regardless of the size of your business, Hubspot's digital marketing tool helps to promote your business. With many free tools, one can create web forms or live chats to capture a lead. 

After obtaining the lead, the company can use different email campaigns, thus piping the data in the CRM and analyzing the customers' attitudes. With paid tiers, services get better and sophisticated. HubSpot offers you solutions in all aspects, beginning from handling the content and social media platforms to helping you in establishing a connection with the leads. 

Some best features of this tool are maintaining and converting traffic into leads and improving the ROI of the business. It can be used as a free tool and ranges up to $3200 for companies.  You can also apply for Hubspot certification.


Ahrefs Tool:

If you are keen on improving the traffic to your website, the overall traffic enhancing tool like Ahrefs is the best option for you. Loaded with immense data, Ahrefs performs as an excellent SEO tool. It is also well known for its superb competitive analysis, helping you keep track of the competitors. 

It will also allow you to find out the pages that have maximum traffic and let you know about your content's present ranking. The price of this fantastic tool ranges starts from $99. To know more about Price ranges Click Here

Want to know more about Ahrefs read the article on How to use Ahrefs for SEO.


This tool is the favorite of many as it can perform four functions, including popups and forms, landing pages creator, marketing automation solutions, and content and promos. Some of the benefits of Wishpond include it lets the business develop a landing and a thank you page. 

Besides this, messages can be sent to leads, and it gives you an overview of conversions and views. If you go for this tool, you will be billed yearly, and the price ranges from $99 per month.



The best thing about using Proof is it establishes a connection with your website and helps in promoting the conversions on your site using social Proof. Hot Streak notification and popular live visitor count features help understand customers' likes and dislikes towards a brand. It also gives you an idea about the perception of customers towards your brand. 

With a straightforward installation process, this marketing tool has proved to be quite useful. It allows you to know your customers, and once you build an idea about their journey, you can design your site accordingly and improve profitability. With a starting price of $24 per month, Proof is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools.



To manage your advertisements on several social media platforms, Needls is one of the most preferred digital marketing tools. It is renowned for the examination of ads on social media platforms in real-time, thus ensuring the right audience gets the right advertisements. Starting at a price range of $100/month, Needls is a perfect tool to boost your business.

Wondering how to design and promote your online presence? Well, is one of the best digital marketing tools which helps you to create the following ads:

  • Instagram stories videos
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Posts on Instagram

With in place, you can customize the videos and thus improve your online presence. Many industries, like real estate, travel, gaming, and e-commerce, have benefited immensely by using this tool. The price ranges from $39 per month and billed yearly.



Trello is a marketing tool that is excellent at managing content. When it comes to brainstorming content, Trello proves to be an excellent marketing tool. This marketing tool has a huge demand because it can be used for free by small businesses. With Trello, brainstorming and strategizing content is possible even though the team functions remotely. 

Trello acts as a tremendous facilitating tool and thus allows project clarity. With free services for startups and small companies, the price goes up to $20.83/monthly for organizations.

When it comes to maintaining a relationship with clients, is one of the best options. Starting from collecting information about prospective customers and interacting with them using online chats to send emails and SMS, helps you to build rapport with the prospects and ensure higher profitability. As this tool triggers automated messages, it helps the business to track lead generation moments. 

This tool, in turn, helps to save time and allows a consistent process of communication. The price of Trello begins at $79/month.



Emma is an email management tool that will enable you to reach customers and ensure better customer service. It is one of the most critical email management tools in the digital marketing field.



Last but not least, the creator of the landing page is Landingi. This tool facilitates the optimization of the landing pages. 

The above-mentioned digital marketing tools will ensure better performance of everyday tasks and help you pay attention to the intricacies of the job. 

Still wondering which tool to buy for reaping the best results. Speak to digital marketing industry experts to explore more about digital marketing tools! 

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